Monday, February 1, 2010

Women In Horror Recognition Month

So, whether you knew it or not, February is Women in Horror Recognition Month. Yes if you're in America it clashes with Black History month, but if you're in/from the UK, you'll know that Black History month is in October, right?

Anyway, Chopping Mall's participation is going to be somewhat laid back, but shall definitely be participating. We'll have posts about the fantastic Emily Booth coming soon, as well as a couple of reviews of Female-directed Horror films (a disturbingly rare occurrence).

For now though, let me point you in the direction of the main site and a handfull of female horror-bloggers whom you should definitely be reading.

Women In Horror month - Co-ordinating site setup by Hannah Neurotica

Facebook page for WiHm - Updated more regularly

Day Of The Woman - Any blog that has a banner taken from I Spit On Your Grave is likely to be good, right? Keep reading and it just get's better.

Musings Across A Continuum
- Quite apart from being one of the very few blogs with a double-u (not a w) in the title, this is a rather excellent little blog that I stumbled upon recently and have been enjoying reading.

The Horror Digest
- This is probably one of my favourite film blogs around. I really don't need to say more; go and read it now, yeah?

Little Miss Zombie - I must confess, I've only just found this one (from the WiHm facebook page, natch) so can't say a lot about it. Needless to say, the title (and header banner) were enough to convince me and, as it's been going since Oct 2008 it looks like there's a bit of back reading to be done. Covers books as well as films.

Hey! Look Behind You! - This is a blog I discovered only a few days ago but already rate highly. Especially good for Nicki's "I Love Shorts" posts, as Horror Shorts are a too often neglected art.

Anyway, as I say, this is just by way of introduction to Women in Horror Recognition Month; films to come soon. Check out some of these other blogs, celebrate the important women in horror and lament that Horror (and other cinema in general) is still such a male-dominated world.

Hello February.

[To any, undoubtedly awesome, female bloggers not included: this isn't through a lack of interest but a lack of knowledge. Got an awesome blog? Send me a link!]

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  1. My friend Amanda By Night has a TV movies blog which features a lot of horror:
    I'm not a blogger, but I'm a female horror filmmaker. You can see my short films at