Thursday, June 18, 2009

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning

"I'm just out for a good time. The rest is propaganda"


This one's a classic. Re-watched it yesterday and can strongly recommend it to anyone. A film of life in 1960s industrial Nottingham, lead character Arthur is a hard-working factory labourer, tied to his lathe all week and heading to the pubs for boozing and womanising at the weekends. The story's fun, but this is mostly a fab picture of how life was 'back in the day'.

From Arthur's pints of stout and 14 pound wage to the stiff policeman who "don't want no trouble here" and everyone going to the pub on a saturday night with their aunties and mothers, this shows a very different world.

As if to demonstrate, the censors were apparently unhappy about the film's suggestion of extra-marital sex. Did we see the naughty adulterers (adulterists?) at it? A sweaty-scene? A flash of leg? Oh no, they merely wake up in the same bed. This film was somewhat naughty in its day, though nowadays we wouldn't bat an eyelid.

And look out for the title of Arctic Monkeys' first album, "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not", they lifted it from this film.

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