Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tokyo Gore Police

'Ruka always shows no mercy'


From director Yoshihiro Nishimura comes a completely bonkers but very fun tale of genetic mutation, police brutality and (of course) heaps of bloodshed. The story is entirely silly and the characters aren't exactly deep and well-crafted but... does that really matter?

This is a film which very much does what it sets out to do. We get dismembered torsos, severed limbs, crazy animal-claw mutations and a heap of body parts just begging for someone to ram at high speed with a police car. So what does Ruka do? Why, she rams them of course, sending arms, legs and other body bits scattering across the roads of Japan.

For a film that starts out with chainsaw wielding hand-to-hand combat, it makes its intentions clear from the off and doesn't get a lot more sensible. It's decidedly too long however, and at a fraction under 2 hours you can be forgiven for having got a little tired of the ultra-violence. There's only so many people you can see being beheaded before it begins to get a little repetitive.

Still, that's hardly a major complaint. What you get here is probably pretty unlike most things you might have seen and definitely won't be forgotten in a hurry. Definitely worth a watch...

(...and I haven't even mentioned the girl with the crocodile-jaw legs...)


And it pretty much goes without saying, but watch the subtitled version, not the dub, yeh?

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