365 Films in 2010

An alphabetical list of all 365 films I watched throughout 2010! It was great fun doing it but I'm not sure I'd do it again...

1. [REC] – The best horror film of recent years? Certainly a contender.
2. ¿Quién puede matar a un niño? – Surprisingly good tense horror. With evil children!
3. 2LDK – Bizarre Japanese duel between two flatmates that ends in death. Fun.
4. 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days – Pretty grim Romanian film about unwanted babies…
5. 9 – Beautiful animated dystopia. Story not quite as good as the visuals…
6. A Bout de Souffle – JLGodard’s petty criminal in Paris romance with little story.
7. Adventures of Megabyte Man, The – What? Weird film about a game-show.
8. Aguirre: The Wrath of God – Fab Herzog/Kinski film about the Amazon. And monkeys.
9. Airplane II – Disappointing when you remember the original, but still funny I suppose.
10. Alice In Wasteland – Grindhouse nostalgia in bucketfuls. Great fun.
11. All About Eve – Showbiz rivalry in the 50s
12. All That I Love – Curious Polish disaffected youth in Communist country film.
13. Alternative 3 – Hoax UK doc about scientific mysteries.
14. Amer- Twisted, often confusing, always brilliant French audio-visual treat.
15. An Ideal Husband – Nice film but they BUTCHERED the Wilde play
16. Angel Blade – Awful, awful film. Cop goes crazy after wife er… falls of a roof. Yes.
17. Año Bisieto – Curious, harrowing, enthralling and confusing. Not pleasant viewing.
18. Año Mariano – Silly Spanish comedy about drug-induced visions of the Virgin Mary.
19. Antichrist – AAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!
20. Any Gun Can Play – Surprisingly fun Enzo Castellari Spag.Western. Light-hearted.
21. Arrebato – Wonderful Spanish meta-film. About vampire cameras. Of course.
22. Art of Negative Thinking – Fabulous Norwegian black comedy about suffering
23. Assassination in Rome – Bond-ish drama about hunting a drug pushing killer
24. Bad Biology – Henenlotter’s return to film making. All sorts of weird.
25. Bad Family – Odd Finnish family drama with an estranged daughter returning.
26. Being John Malkovitch – Slightly underwhelming film about er… well… what the title says.
27. Being, The – Cheesy monster horror. Fun but forgettable.
28. Beyond Sherwood – Hilarious re-working of Robin Hood with a monster. SyFy original!
29. Big Lebowski, The – The dude abides!
30. Big Meat Eater – Ridiculous silly sci-fi about aliens and carnivores. Forgettable.
31. Big Nothing – Brilliant black comedy turning from blackmail to murder.
32. Big Sleep, The – Classic Bogart noir
33. Big Trouble In Little China – Bonkers Kurt Russell and John Carpenter madness!
34. Bird With The Crystal Plumage, The – As giallo as can be. Good stuff from Argento
35. Birdemic: Fear and Terror – Possibly the worst special effects in history. Amazingly awful.
36. Black Dynamite – Dynamite! Dynamite!
37. Black Hawk Down – Atrocious war dirge
38. Black Sheep – New Zealand’s finest zombie sheep moment. Definitely.
39. Black Snake – Dreary Russ Meyer flick set in a slave plantation. Dull as anything.
40. Blade Runner (Final Cut) – Awesome sci-fi fun with Han Solo and robots. Yeah?
41. Blazing Saddles – Ohhhh yes. Absolute gold.
42. Blood and Black Lace – Mario Bava makes perfect Giallo films… Stylish and brutal.
43. Blood and Donuts – Surprisingly good, intelligent vampire film.
44. Blood Car – Awesome daft fun with a car powered by BLOOD!
45. Blood Dancers – Crap but fun kidnapped-by-vampires horror.
46. Bloodstained Butterfly, The – Giallo with a good plot and nice twist.
47. Bloody Moon – Jess Franco makes slasher flick. Gore, gore, scream, gore. Ok.
48. B-Movie: The Making of Farmhouse Massacre – Frivolous mockumentary fun.
49. Bonnie and Clyde – Slightly overlong but brilliant. You’ve heard o’ Jesse James…
50. Born To Be Bad – Fabulous pre-code film about a single mother and her son
51. Bothersome Man, The – Curious purgatory (?) film from Norway. Good, I think…
52. Boucher, Le – Claude Chabrol suspense-drama. Is her new friend a serial-killer?
53. Brain That Would Not Die, The – B+W Sci-fi body horror tosh. Nice reveal at the end…
54. Brainslasher – Silly Bruce Campbell film with INFINISYNTH! Better than reality!
55. Brides of Dracula, The – Cushing vs. a young baron and his women…
56. Broken Embraces – Fun Almodóvar; beautifully shot, colourful melodrama
57. Cannibal Mercenary – Insane Thai war film with hectic gun-fights
58. Car, The – EVIL CAR! It will kill and kill and kill! Pretty scenery.
59. Casablanca – Fab Bogart film with old flames and visa-deals
60. Cello – Psychological Korean horror about a Cellist suffering trauma. Dark and fab!
61. Cemetery of Terror – Hugo Stiglitz fights zombies! Only the last half hour is any good.
62. Cherry, Harry and Raquel – More Russ Meyer. Weed smuggling and dream sequences.
63. Chocolate – Mad Thai martial arts revenge film with some brutal action. Excellent!
64. Chung King Express – Bizarre and bold Hong Kong relationship drama
65. Citizen Kane – Fabulous, intriguing, clever and beautiful but slightly too long.
66. Class, The – Fascinating but somewhat disappointing French realist drama
67. Cleopatra Jones – Awesome blaxploitation with scrap-yard showdown
68. Clockwork Orange, A – Classic.
69. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs – Oh wow. Oh wow! Utter brilliance!
70. Coals To Newcastle – Leeds band The Mastersounds go to New Orleans. Fabulous.
71. Colegas – Truly hilarious and heartbreaking Spanish teenage drama from the 80s
72. Colour Me Blood Red – A painter discovers that only blood makes his art perfect!
73. Coming Back For More – Search for Sly Stone, part hunt, part biopic. A bit muddled.
74. Coming of Sin, The – Dull Spanish relationship drama
75. Countess Dracula – Not too exciting vampire lady drinks virgin’s blood.
76. Creature From The Haunted Sea – Fantastically silly Corman horror spoof.
77. Cronocrimines – Round and round in time. Stabbing yourself in the arm. Good fun.
78. Currently Untitled – Experimental film about no-one watching experimental films...
79. Cut Throats Nine – Snowy Western with golden shackles. Dullish story, nice gore.
80. Daisy Chain, The – Half story, half ramble about mothers confusing daughters. Boring.
81. Damnation Alley – Post-apocalyptic fun with cockroaches
82. Damned United, The – Brian Clough and Leeds United. Fantastic film!
83. Dark City – Ace, tense, clever beginning. Silly, overblown ending.
84. Dark Enemy – Silly post-apocalyptic Children’s Film Unit movie. Tribalism.
85. Dead End Drive In – Australian youth-imprisonment camp.
86. Dead Snow – Fantastic Norwegian zombie Nazis!
87. Dead, The – The first zombie film shot in Burkina Faso. Fabulous.
88. Deadgirl – Wrong on every level, yet actually thought-provoking and clever.
89. Death Bed: The Bed That Eats – Every bit as fabulous as the title suggests.
90. Death Knows Your Name – Creepy Argentine horror involving rebirth and asylums.
91. Death Ship – Shipwrecked cruisers find an abandoned (?) Nazi ship. Of course.
92. Death Walks On High Heels – More giallo! Diamonds, murders and leather-boots.
93. Deathrow Gameshow – Silly and lighthearted film about… a gameshow. With death.
94. Deathsport – David Carradine is a ranger, fighting the deathmachines! (Motorbikes…)
95. Dellamorte Dellamore – Existentialism with zombies? Count me in!
96. Deprisa, Deprisa – Spanish youths turn to crime. Good music, sad story.
97. Devil Rides Out, The – Demonic cult, good fun.
98. Die Hard 4 – Predictably big, brash and enjoyable
99. Disco Rojo – Drug gangs and mysterious deaths. Naschy.
100. Django – Oh, the classic! The wonderful, brutal, everyone-is-a-bastard Spag Western!
101. Doghouse – Brit zombie women in a country village
102. Dossier 51 – Interesting French spy film. Hidden cameras and secret agents.
103. Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine – Vincent Price hams it up, robo-babes and evil plans!
104. Dr Jekyll and Sister Hyde – Surprisingly brilliant. Hammer gothic at its finest.
105. Dr Moreau’s House of Pain – Bad prosthetic monsters, bad plot. Silly fun.
106. Dr Strangelove… - Excellent Cold War apocalyptic stuff. Great fun.
107. Dracula (1958) [Hammer] – Cushing vs. Lee in Transylvania
108. Dracula AD 1972 – Hammer throws Dracula into the 70s. Lee + Cushing = Fun.
109. Dracula Has Risen From the Grave – Lashings of gothic, a little scant on vampire action
110. Dracula, Dead and Loving It – Leslie Nielsen as Dracula. Fabulously awful.
111. Dracula, Prince of Darkness – Lee’s back. Cushing’s gone. People die.
112. Dragon Lives Again – Awesomely dubbed bonkers martial arts with “Bruce Lee”.
113. Dragons Forever – Riotous Jackie Chan fun from a while ago. Top stuff.
114. Draughtsman’s Contract, The – Curious, intriguing yet somehow lacking murder-drama
115. Driller Killer – Silly and not very nasty ‘Video Nasty’
116. Drunken Master – Epic old-school Jackie Chan.
117. Drunks – Curious and slow film about alcoholism.
118. Dusk Till Dawn – A true classic in every sense
119. Edge of the City – Controversial (in the 50s) interracial friendship. Well meaning but dull.
120. El Asesino del Parking – Spanish slasher flick about a guy who kills in carparks.
121. El Crack – Spanish noir thriller with corrupt detectives and missing girls.
122. El Orphanato – Creepy Spanish dead-children horror!
123. Elling – Bizarre tragicomic film from Norway, following two institutionalized men
124. Encounters at the End of the World – Werner Herzog meets penguins. Docu.
125. Ensalada Baudelaire – Weird, twisted and depraved. But which ending was real?
126. Escape From New York – Snake Pliskin saves the day!
127. Expendables, The – Big guns, big explosions, little tension, little plot. Should’ve been better.
128. Faculty, The – Rodriguez mixes Bodysnatchers and the Breakfast Club. Great fun.
129. Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift- Nothing happens. Fast.
130. Faster Pussycat Kill Kill – Russ Meyer. Chauvinist? Probably. Fun? Definitely.
131. Fear In the Night – Hammer psychological horror set in an ex-school.
132. Few Dollars For Django, A – Fab Spag.Western, bounty hunter becomes sheriff
133. Fine Dead Girls – Brutally bleak Croation drama about homophobia.
134. Fistful Of Fingers – Edgar Wright’s Western debut. Not really very good…
135. Four Flies On Grey Velvet – Argento giallo flick, not his best. Still fun though.
136. Four Jacks – Surprisingly well put together Australian murder thriller.
137. Four Lions – Brilliant Chris Morris terrorist comedy. Superb.
138. Foxy Brown – Pam Grier blaxploitation. One of the best I’ve seen! Drugs and revenge
139. Frankenhooker – An abandoned cinema of drunk people watching the best film ever.
140. Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed – Brain-surgery with Peter Cushing. Yes please.
141. Freeway Maniac – Weird slasher on the set of a sci-fi movie. Low budget as can be!
142. French Quarter , The – Time travel, voodoo and jazz in Louisiana
143. Furia en la Isla – Argentine ‘thriller’ with the worst fight scene ever!
144. Ghost In the Shell – Entertaining but not astonishing Manga fun.
145. Giant Spider Invasion (MST3K) – Oh my, that was rubbish.
146. Gilda – Noir in Buenos Aires, cruelty and trickery
147. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – Entertaining but somewhat confused Swedish murder
148. Godzilla – The original Tokyo stomping masterpiece.
149. Goldeneye – Bond, James Bond. Fight Xenya, Janus and spaceships.
150. Good Morning and Goodbye! – Pretty much incoherent Russ Meyer film.
151. Graveyard Alive – Feminist zombie flick in a hospital. Good fun.
152. Great Escape, The – Good fun but way too long. Sad when Donald Pleasence dies…
153. Great Silence, The – Ever so serious Spaghetti Western. With Klaus Kinski.
154. Gymkata – Awful on a million levels. An American gymnast goes to fight Eastern types
155. He Ran All The Way – Low-action noir with a hostage situation
156. Her Name is Cat – Kinda dull revenge ‘thriller’. Yawn.
157. Holy Virgin vs The Evil Dead – Silly HK action. Dumb story, bad effects. Perfect.
158. Hot Fuzz – It just does everything so right. A firm favourite.
159. Hound of the Baskervilles – Cushing as Holmes, Lee as a Baskerville
160. Huacho – Chilean peasants living their lives. Touching? Or dull?
161. Human Centipede – Slow, dull and not nearly as fun as the concept!
162. Humanoids From The Deep – Two fish-people films in one year? Hurrah!
163. Hurt Locker, The – Tense in places but unlikeable characters. Not Oscar worthy…
164. I Am A Cyborg… But That’s OK – Insane Park Chan-Wook film. With starvation and robots
165. I Am Omega – Asylum take on the zombie apocalypse. Surprisingly not too awful.
166. I Know What You Did Last Summer – Much parodied and actually good fun.
167. I Spit On Your Grave – Over-rated revenge thriller with some gruesome scenes!
168. Idiots, The – Lars Von Trier’s mad pretend-mental-illness film. Best sex scene ever made.
169. Importance of Being Earnest – Great adaptation of the Wilde play
170. In The Soup – Fun, hidden-gem Steve Buscemi movie about a film-makers and his ‘friends’.
171. Inception – Entertaining reality-puzzle action
172. Inglourious Basterds – Yeah…
173. Ipcress Files – Michael Caine, spies, brainwashing
174. Island of the Fishmen – Oh my. As amazingly good as the title implies.
175. Jack the Ripper – Jess Franco and Klaus Kinski retell the classic. Pretty and tense.
176. Jamón Jamón – Bigas Luna’s bonkers and over-the-top tale of ham and passion
177. Joanna – Quirky, odd swinging 60s London. Interesting in parts, dull in others.
178. Julie & Jack – Pre-Birdemic James Nguyen. Truly, utterly atrocious film.
179. Kárate a Muerte en Torremolinos – Zombies! Surfers! Monsters! Karate!
180. Kick-Ass – Oh wow. If Tarantino directed Spiderman…
181. Kidnapped – Spanish home-invasion horror/thriller. Brutal, effective but nothing new.
182. Killer Shrimps – Weird meta-film with badly-cooked seafood and zombies. Awesome.
183. Killing Car – Episodic but fun. A woman takes vengeance on those who ignored her.
184. Killing Machine, The – Wonderful and surprisingly serious Sonny Chiba martial arts
185. Kiss of the Vampire – Sub-Dracula but pretty good. A couple’s car breaks down nr a castle.
186. Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die – Silly Bond spoof from Italy
187. La Momia Nacional – Silly Spanish ‘horror’ comedy with all manner of monsters
188. La Visita – Curious Italian drama/comedy about a woman looking for a partner.
189. Lady Snowblood – Japanese ‘netherworld child’ seeking vengeance. Fun and bloody.
190. Lady Snowblood II – Not half as good as the first. Incoherent but bloody.
191. Last House On The Left (original) – Suitably sadistic fun from Mr Craven
192. Last Slumber Party – No budget, no-brain slasher that improved towards the end.
193. Leech Woman, The (MST3K show) – The secret of eternal youth is discovered
194. Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires – Cushing goes to China. Martial arts and blood.
195. Legion – Very silly angelic combat with guns. Surprisingly good fun.
196. Let The Right One In – Brilliant re-imagining of Vampire films
197. Little Baby Jesus of Flanders – Curious take on the nativity story.
198. Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, The – Nottingham. Borstal. Fab.
199. Love and a .45 – Outlaw couple on the road. Guns and robberies. Good fun.
200. Love, Math and Sex – French film about a girl falling in love with an older man. Ok.
201. Lower City – A friendship in Salvador del Bahia is torn apart when a girl arrives. Alright.
202. Lucky – Surprisingly awesome film about a talking dog. An evil talking dog…
203. Lust For A Vampire – Thin Hammer horror effort. Not worth a re-watch…
204. Machuca – Depressing but powerful Chilean childhood drama
205. Marquis de Sade’s Justine – Franco + de Sade = Sleaze, right? Well, apparently not…
206. Mars Attacks – How had I gone so long without ever seeing this piece of genius?
207. Massacre Time – Fulci directed, snail-pace Western with Franco Nero fighting his family
208. Megamind – Children’s film? Maybe. But really good fun all the way through!
209. Men Who Stare At Goats, The – Jedi Knights in the desert. And goats.
210. Midnight Intruders – Murder, sex and drugs. Unconvincing and badly written…
211. Minnesota Clay – Good story, bad acting Spag Western. Old American lead.
212. Monster From Green Hell – Silly and forgettable monster-flick set in Africa.
213. Moon – Awesome Brit sci-fi understated film.
214. Motor Psycho – Rambling Russ Meyer film about bikers!
215. Mr Horatio Knibbles – Waaaaah! Hallucinatory childhood tale of man-size invisible rabbits!
216. Mucha Sangre – Action, sex and, above all, blood. Lots of blood!
217. Mudhoney – Early(ish) Russ Meyer. Not nearly as fun as his later films.
218. Muppet Treasure Island – Best film ever made?
219. Murder At Midnight – Dull whodunit from the 30s. Probably exciting at the time…
220. Murder By Contract – Drawn out and overly slow noir-ish assassination.
221. Murder Dot Com (AKA Look @ Me) – Enjoyable but thin kidnapping flick. Nothing special.
222. Naked Gun – Flawless non-stop fun from Lesley Nielsen
223. Nashville Girl – A girl sets of to Nashville in search of country music fame.
224. Never Let Me Go – Creepy organ-harvesting drama set in Britain
225. New York Ripper, The – Fulci Giallo. Serial killer madness. Duck voices and strippers dying.
226. Night of the Werewolf – Naschy fights with Vampires. Pretty dull.
227. Night Train Murders – Enjoyable but slow Euro-sleaze thriller.
228. Nightmare City – Umberto Lenzi’s zombies-with-weapons classic.
229. Ninja Assassin – USA ruins ninja films. Damn. Some good gore, but mostly disappointing.
230. Nude Vampire, The – Symbolism, animal masks, cults and er… very little story. Poetic.
231. Opera – Argento slasher. Easily one of the best. Bloody and great fun.
232. Operation Condor – Jackie Chan! Nazis! Gold! Desert!
233. Outpost – Nazi zombies kill mercenary types. Brit horror done well.
234. Peace Killers, The – Surprisingly good and violent bikers vs. hippies film.
235. Pecado Mortal – Somewhat dull Spanish transgressive ‘thriller’.
236. Peeping Tom – Unsettling film about film-making. Fantastic and memorable.
237. Persepolis – The awesome animated Iranian classic never gets old. A perfect film.
238. Phase IV – Doctor finds a cure for AIDS, pharmaceutical company kills everyone. Fun.
239. Plague of the Zombies, The – Brilliant Hammer voodoo zombie set in Cornwall
240. Planet Terror – So much fun. I can watch this one again and again.
241. Pontypool – Interesting angle on zombies. Flawed but pretty enjoyable.
242. Pony Trouble – Mad LARP-based slaughter. Weird as anything can be.
243. Ponyo – Cutesy fun from Studio Ghibli but a less brilliant story than some
244. Pop Skull – Tense, arty, psychological horror. Pretty but slow.
245. Porco Rosso – Enjoyable but somewhat thin Studio Ghibli fun.
246. Postman Always Rings Twice, The (1946) – Noir. Husband’s murder catches up with them
247. Pretty In Pink – John Hughes teen drama. Not his best but an awesome soundtrack
248. Pretty Poison – Great fun film about going mad, shooting people and getting caught.
249. Profondo Rosso – Awesome Argento thriller. Who drew the creepy picture? Eek!
250. Prosperities of Vice – Complicated film about a Japanese count who thinks he is de Sade
251. Quantum Apocalypse – SyFy original in which Earth will be destroyed by gravity. Maybe.
252. Quarantine – Awesome Canadian dystopia with sickness and oppression
253. Quatermass 2 – Early Hammer with Aliens!
254. Quatermass Xperiment – Hammer’s roots: b+w sci-fi alien masterpiece.
255. Queen of Africa – Overly sentimental adventure with Bogart in a boat in Africa.
256. R.O.T.O.R – Silly, badly made, robo-cop/terminator rip-off.
257. Raw Deal – 40s noir. Convict Joe is on the run and needs to choose who he loves.
258. Rear Window – Classic slow-build Hitchcock
259. Requiem for a Vampire – Jean Rollin (RIP). Two girls stumble upon a vampire chateau!
260. Requiem for Detroit? – Excellent Julian Temple doc about the ‘first post-American city’
261. Requiescant – Interesting but overly serious revenge Spag. Western
262. Roadracers – Early Rodriguez. Utterly wonderful with fabulous music.
263. RoboGeisha – More from the genius minds behind Tokyo Gore Police and Machine Girl!
264. Rope, The – Hitchcock murder-thriller at a party
265. Ruby In The Smoke, The [made for TV] – Opium! Gems! Scoundrels!
266. Run Man Run – Cuchillo and Cassidy find the golden printing press
267. Run! Bitch! Run! – Fairly lame Grindhouse nostalgia revenge flick.
268. S.S. Nazi Convoy – Poorly put together story about Nazis. Dross.
269. Satanic Rites of Dracula – Underwhelming finale to the Hammer Dracula series
270. Saving Private Ryan – Contrived but effective. Too long though.
271. Scars of Dracula – Less than brilliant continuation of Taste The Blood of Dracula.
272. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – Edgar’s Wright’s gaming action flick
273. Scream and Scream Again – Muddled, yes, but good fun. Lee and Cushing and science!
274. Se Sei Vivo, Spara! – Tomas Milan in awesome unusual spag-western.
275. Second Best Secret Agent…, The - James Bond imitation. Surprisingly fun.
276. Secrets of Tesla – Interesting but slow as can be.
277. Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll – Fab Ian Dury biopic
278. Sexykiller – Fantastically silly Spanish film. Brilliant
279. Sgt Kabukiman NYPD – Troma vigilante superhero bonkers fun.
280. Shafted! – Blaxploitation… parody. With a dumb white lead. Entertaining, forgettable.
281. Sherlock Holmes – Asylum version. Holmes vs. Dinosaurs, of course.
282. Shrek 4 – Surprisingly good fun in 3D! Probably only worth it in a cinema
283. Silence of the Hams – Incredibly funny horror-parody, Airplane-style. Fantastic.
284. Simpsons Movie, The – It’s not art, but it is fun…
285. Slither – Eww. Good fun.
286. Snakes On A Plane – Yes it’s fabulous. No, it’s not as good as Flight of the Living Dead.
287. Solarbabies – Cheesy 80s dystopian rollerblade flick. With an awesome ending.
288. Son of Hitler – Peter Cushing in terribly misjudged Nazi comedy. Hmm…
289. Spaceballs – Sublimely ridiculous Mel Brooks Star Wars spoof. Great fun!
290. Spirit, The – Seen before, but it’s still good fun.
291. Split Second – Fabulously silly. Psycho cop hunts heart-eating monster in London.
292. Star Wars – All three in one day
293. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back – Triple SW watching
294. Star Wars: Return of the Jedi – Back to back!
295. Stonehenge Apocalypse – Surprisingly fun SyFy original about the End of the World!
296. Sugar Hill – Blaxploitation revenge… with zombies! Awesome.
297. Sunshine Cleaning – Crime-scene cleaning comedy. Not as good as it should’ve been.
298. Super Inframan – Costumed weirdness from HK with brilliant fight choreography
299. Surrealisimo: The trial of Dali – Funny dramatisation of Dali vs Stephen Fry/Breton.
300. Survival of the Dead – Romero’s best in ages. Zombies on an island.
301. Survive Style 5+ - Bonkers all over. 5 groups of very different lives collide. Mad fun.
302. Suspiria – The most beautiful horror film ever? With barbed wire birutality? Hurrah!
303. Tales of Ordinary Madness – Brilliant and tender film of a Bukowski story. Beautiful.
304. Taste The Blood of Dracula – Hammer. 3 fathers awake Dracula and are killed off.
305. Technotise: Edit and I – Weird Serbian dystopian sci-fi animation. Quite brilliant.
306. Teenage Hooker Became Killing Machine – Not much fun. No budget Korean art-house.
307. Teeth – Bitey bits! Forces leg-crossing but it’s a brilliant film
308. Terminatrix – Wow. Uh… sleazy re-imagining of terminator.
309. Terror En Tren de Medianoche – Fun Spanish thriller about a train of dead people.
310. Terror On The 40th Floor – A fire breaks out in a skyscraper. Nobody really cares.
311. Thirst – Park Chan Wook does vampires. Beautifully shot and unsettling.
312. This Gun For Hire – Hit-man given dirty money and hunted down. Noir.
313. This Man Must Die – Intriguing Claude Chabrol film following a guy whose son is run down
314. Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines – Nostalgic brilliance.
315. Thunder (1983) – Cheesy Italian action flick in America, with an Indian on the warpath. Fun.
316. Thunderball – James Bond that inspires Austin Powers, but way too much underwater…
317. Tiger Fighting – Craptastic Thai gang drama. Good fighting, bad dubbing.
318. Timecop – Jean Claude Van Damme in nonsense time-travel thriller.
319. Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die – SpagWestern of autumnal colours. Slow-paced.
320. Tokyo Gore School – City-wide school violence game with phones. Weak.
321. Tombs of the Blind Dead – The first in the creepy Blind Dead trilogy
322. Town Called Panic, A – Fantastic, frenetic and French. Completely bonkers animation.
323. Toy Story 2 – A true classic that needed a re-watch.
324. Toy Story 3 – Fabulous end to the trilogy.
325. Transmorphers – Staggeringly awful low-budget Asylum future-battle.
326. Tron – I’d forgotten how weird this was. Wow.
327. True Romance – Brilliant Bonnie & Clyde-esque coke-selling film, script by Tarantino.
328. Tuesday After Christmas – Fantastic understated Romanian man-wife-lover drama
329. Turkey Shoot – Good fun man-hunt Australian dystopia. Cheesy action.
330. Turkish Star Wars – Fabulous nonsense with SW visuals and Indian Jones music. ‘mazing.
331. Tuxedo Warrior – Depressingly awful diamond robbery in South Africa (I think)
332. Two Undercover Angels – Jess Franco Eurospy offering. Good fun.
333. Una de Zombies – Fantastic recent Spanish film about making films. And zombies.
334. Up In the Air [cinema] – George Clooney fires people. Pretty but a little thin plot-wise.
335. Up! – One of Russ Meyer’s best. Weird, jumbled, exciting and violent.
336. Urban Explorers – Fab documentary about going into abandoned buildings.
337. Vampire Circus – Thin Hammer Vampire re-hash.
338. Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl – The Japanese are weird. This is awesome.
339. Vampire Lovers, The – Hammer trashy vampire flick with seductress vampires abound.
340. Vampyres – Sexy violent brutal English vampires
341. Vampyros Lesbos – Arty, pretentious, Jess Franco affair about lovestruck vampires.
342. Video Dead, The – Fun zombie chaos coming from the TV. Everybody dies!
343. Warrior, The – Fantastically bonkers Indo film with severed limbs and skewered eyes!
344. Wasting Away – The zombies don’t know they’re zombies! Great fun.
345. Water and Power – Gorgeous experimental visual printing. Stunning film.
346. Welcome to North Korea! – Intriguing documentary by Czechs in North Korea
347. What Were We Thinking – 50s propaganda tapes against sex / drugs / porn / drink
348. When The Wind Blows – Heart-breaking Raymond Briggs animation.
349. Who Framed Roger Rabbit? – Cinematic perfection? Quite possibly.
350. Who Saw Her Die? – Sluggish giallo ‘thriller’ with a decent enough ending. Dull overall.
351. Wild At Heart – Somewhat confused David Lynch film. Good in parts.
352. Wild One, The – Enjoyable but silly Marlon Brando biker-flick.
353. Wild Zero – Aliens! Zombies! Rock ‘n’ Roll! Motorbikes! Way too much fun!
354. Wolfguy – Fun Sonny Chiba crime/horror flick with nice gore but a thin story
355. Woman Who Dreamed of a Man, The – Thin plot about an unpleasant woman.
356. Women in Cellblock 9 – Crappy WIP film from Franco of tortured prisoners.
357. World Gone Wild – Loveably 80s dystopian b-movie. Adam Ant is a bad guy in the desert.
358. X: The Unknown – Radioactive slime from underground
359. Yakuza Deka – Good fun 70s Sonny Chiba action flick
360. Yakuza Deka: The Assassin – Half remake, half sequel, all Sonny Chiba fun.
361. Yes Men – Two guys pose as all sorts of officials, to hilarious effect.
362. Zombie Cop – Ridiculous ‘film’ about a… er… well… can’t you guess?
363. Zombie Nosh – “Pile of steaming celluloid crud” says Book of the Dead. Quite right too.
364. Zombieland – Dull in the middle but pretty enjoyable at either end. Splatter.
365. Zulo – A guy is kept in a hole for a long time. No, seriously…