Thursday, June 18, 2009

No Man's Land: Rise of the Reeker

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Stumbled across this fairly lame action/horror attempt on zone horror. Starts as a fairly tame sherriff vs. robbers film, turns into a fairly tame sherriff and robbers vs. monster film and then descends into a confusing 'what-the-hell-just-happened?' film. So not great then.

The only part that is truly wonderful is the sequence where the characters discover the invisible wall (yes, seriously...) that's trapping them in this haunted little bit of desert. One guy plays out the full Parisian Street-mime repetoir, feeling the invisible wall, leaning on it, pressing his face against it and finally running headlong into it.

His performance is only bettered by the guy who drives his car head on into the invisible wall. Not only is it one of the better moments of the film but he also loses half his head doing it. Which has got to be good, no?

Last half-hour's quite fun. The rest is pants.

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