Wednesday, April 27, 2011

European Post-2000 Horror

So... after the brief but exciting burn-out that was the intensive Argento-fest in March, it's time to move to a bit of a new project. This one, rather than the as-much-as-possible-in-a-week format, will be somewhat more drawn out, allowing me to do other stuff in between. Like eating. And sleeping.

The project plan is to watch more Horror. Specifically, Horror from Europe (this is not a slight on the rest of the world, honest! I'd just like to see more Euro-Horror). Even more specifically, European Horror from the last 'decade'. I'm taking decade to mean Y2K onwards, so perhaps should better say the project's full name ought to be: 21st Century European Horror.

Now I've seen a few of these already - I expect you have too. I'm not going to be strict about only watching new things, about the boundaries of Europe or... well, about anything really. This is supposed to be fun, after all.

There's a nice list by someone called 'propelas' here of some of the highlights of C21EH (as it shall now be known). 'ratty1984' also contributes a short list over at IMDB. Although I love lists (I really do...), my intention here is not to make a list, I have no plans to be comprehensive about this, I just want to watch some horror.

And with films like Martyrs, El Orfanato, [Rec] (and [Rec]2) and Sauna (AKA Filth) on the list, it should be good fun. c21EH, here we come...

Edit: And new project means new banner, hurrah!