Sunday, August 2, 2009

Help The Video Dead find it's way onto DVD!

A worthwhile project if ever there was one.

Copied wholesale from the myspace page:
On July 21st, 2009, I was browsing around and decided to check and see if one of my all time favorite cult films was scheduled for a DVD release this year as I had noticed a lot of catalog titles from various studios were being released on DVD for the first time this year. To my surprise, the film was indeed listed and was slated to be released on October 27, 2009!

Unfortunately the release was not a legitimate release by the studio that owned the film and when it was brought to the attention of MGM - the studio that does rightfully own the film - the release was ceased from said company.

Shortly after that released was canceled, I contacted MGM about releasing the title legitimately and they said it could be a possibility providing they find it is a cult film, that will of course sell on store shelves and would be a welcome addition to any cult film collector's shelve.

Thus began the campaign to get THE VIDEO DEAD released on DVD, in it's original widescreen form, and out to the public.

Instead of starting an online petition, which sometimes can go either way, I decided setting up a page dedicated solely to getting the film out on DVD would be an easier and more efficient way for me and others to relay information in one place to show to MGM and say; "Yes, the market for this film is there, yes it will sell, yes it is a cult film...yes we know how bad it is - but we still love it!"

So tell your friends, post your comments, send your messages, post links, pictures, whatever you think will help - let's get this cult classic released on DVD finally the way it deserves to be released!

If you do not have a MySpace and want to help, please email; and request to get THE VIDEO DEAD on DVD! MGM and FOX DO pay attention to these emails and do keep track of them! However, if you DO have a MySpace, all you have to do is add this page as a friend and that's it! MGM and Fox are monitoring the amount of friends this page has and the more people who are here, the more they see the potential to release the film on DVD! Comments and bulletins are appreciated but not necessary!

Trailer below:

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