Thursday, July 2, 2009

Wicked Wicked

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Challenge your imagination? That might be a little optimistic...


This is quite a weird one. As you can see from any of the pictures, Wicked Wicked is a film based entirely around the gimmick of duo-vision. Yep, that's two screens at once. Mostly they're different angles of the same scene but sometimes they show wildly different things: a character pauses for thought whilst a flashback plays out on the the other side.

The sad thing is that the gimmick actually works pretty well and is dragged down by a god-awful plot. In some moments, with the killer hiding on one screen and the others looking for him on the other screen, the two screens device really does actually add a bit of tension.


They can talk on the phone between screens!

Sadly, the story is rubbish, the acting pretty laughable and the pacing even worse. It's only 90ish minutes long; it really shouldn't drag like it does.

That said, the first 20 minutes or so are pretty good and the last 20 are really good fun. It's just the middle 50 that crawl past... It suffers from being one of those slasher flicks with very little slashing.

Although the killer has a bit of a thing for stabbing blondes, and mostly just after they've come from the shower, the film isn't sexy in the slightest. This doesn't stop it producing what is possibly an all time classic line though: the secretary lady, who is having a bit of a fling with the doctor/dentist/security man slyly says:
"I think I feel another toothache coming on, Doctor..."

"Sorry love, I'm not drilling today"
(Well it made me laugh anyway...)

Mostly crap. Fun at the end.

How moody...

Fake blood to the face!

Fairly impressively the trailer below, though it makes a fuss at the start about "Duo-Vision" doesn't actually show any of the parallel screens. How odd...

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